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The Last Sunset

Alpha Child Year 1 - Episode 11 Voyager's Return

Screenplay by Christopher Penfold
Directed by Charles Crichton
Belgium (Flemish) De laatste zonsondergang
France/Canada Le dernier crépuscule The Last Twilight
Germany Die Verwandlung The Change
Italy L'ultimo tramonto The Last Sunset
Japan A Red Sun, The Last Sunset
Netherlands De laatste zonsondergang
Poland Ostatni zachod slonca
Portugal O Último Pôr-do-Sol The Last Sunset
South AfricaDie Laaste Sonsondergang The Last Sunset
Spain La última puesta de sol The last sunset

The prospect of a normal life dangles tantalizingly for the occupants of the runaway moon. Real air and sunshine; a new existence, similar to that on Earth. But there is drama behind the dream.


The Last Sunset


Int. Main Mission
Int. Command Office
Int. Technical/ corridor
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section
Int. Airlock
Ext. Airlock/ Moon Surface (studio car park)
Ext. Moon Surface
Ext./Int. Morrow's Shack


The Last Sunset


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The Last Sunset



Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:

The Last Sunset


The Last Sunset

Eagle 1 (search); 2 and 7 (initial probes); 4 (corrosion proof); 9,12,14,15,19,24 (named); 28 (crashed)




On Ariel. May not be humanoid.




The Last Sunset

The script describes technicians refitting the windows after the Moon has an atmosphere. In the episode they appear to be able to just open a window. When the first corrosion is discovered, the script has Koenig ordering the windows replaced and Alpha repressurised with its own atmosphere.


  • Very much a character-based episode, with good roles for the secondary cast (Paul and Alan especially) and good humour.
  • Helena and Alan are surprised to see Paul's shelter in the morning- although Paul has obviously taken a large number of things from the Eagle while they were sleeping, including Sandra's bed, the Eagle door, ladders, netting, ropes and various boxes. The twelve storage boxes were presumably from their marker cross.
  • The This Episode sequence includes an alternative take of Helena (stunt woman Dorothy Ford) being thrown back by the Eagle explosion. In this take, the wire pulling her back is clearly visible.
The Last Sunset
Mike Stevens, Linzy Scott and Lynda Westover pose on the set



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